I'm entering my credit card details, when are you going to hold the amount?

If you choose a prepaid rate, your reservation price will be charged immediately. If you choose a rate for payment at the Hotel, no amount will be held on your card. The Hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise the credit card to verify its validity. For pay later reservations, a valid card will be requested at check-in, holding an amount equal to the price of the room, plus the guarantee amount for incidentals.

For prepaid reservations, only the amount for incidentals will be held, 25.00€ per person (excluding children), times the number of nights in the stay.

At check-out the total to be paid will be confirmed with the guest, with any difference in the amount held automatically reinstated to the card. If the guest doesn't have a credit card or declines to perform pre-authorisation, they may choose to leave a security deposit in cash under the same criteria defined for pre-authorisations. Any difference from the deposit will be reimbursed at check-out. A daily verification is made on the accounts of staying guests by the front desk team.

If a guest exceeds the initial guarantee amount, we will proceed with an update to the authorisation on the card, or we will contact you for an additional deposit. If at check-in the guest declines both options, (pre-authorisation or deposit), the alternative No-post may be activated on the Reservation. In this case, the guest will have to immediately pay the amount equal to the total room price for pay later reservations, and will be informed that any extra services will have to be paid when used.